Witnessing baby wake up in the middle of the night or during the nap time crying is often an alarming experience for the parents. Why does the baby wakes up crying? Is something wrong happened? Is it a symptom of more serious illness? Those questions often linger in parents’ mind while noticing their baby wakes up screaming.

There are some reasons why your baby wakes up crying and it could be different from one another. As a parent, you should be more sensitive towards the case. Be more observant at your baby sleeping schedule and habit so you could understand why your baby keeps waking up crying.


Children crying sound

The first thing you should be aware of is how long your baby cry. Sometimes you hear baby crying sound for just a while and then it dissapears. The cause could be because your baby was woke up in between sleep cycles. As an adult, sometimes we also experience similar case where we wake briefly in between our sleep cycle. You don’t have to worry if experiencing this phenomenon since it’s a normal thing. This case is not applied if your baby crying all night.

Some reasons why your baby keeps waking up crying

  1. Your baby is hungry

The first thing that you should check on is whether your baby hungry or not. Hunger is a strong motivator for baby to wake up even in the middle of their sleep. Try to give your baby milk and see the reaction. If your baby is calm down it means that your baby is hungry.

  1. Your baby is still tired
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A fussy and crying baby shows you that the sleeping time is not enough. Crying is a strong signal to communicate need for a baby. The bothersome feeling of not getting enough sleep is expressed through crying since it is the only way that they know how to express their feeling.

  1. Want to get back to sleep but doesn’t know how

When your baby feel disturbed during the sleep and wakes up crying, it means that the baby want to get back to sleep. This is where you need to encourage your baby to get back to sleep.

As a parent, you should be aware of your baby sleeping habbit. How long does your baby usually sleep, when your baby go to sleep, and when your baby usually wake up. If you are familiar with your baby sleeping habit, you should know whwther your baby need to get back to sleep or not.

  1. A symptom of illness

If your baby crying all night, it could be an allarming issue. Check your baby temperature and physical appearance. Be sensitive towards small sign as red pimple or rash on the skin. Sometimes baby also reacts towards different room temperature. If you are in your relative house and your baby keep crying all night, maybe the baby is not comfortable with the temperature of the room.

  1. Your baby loves to cry

Some babies love to cry when they are waking up. If you have considered the previous reasons and there’s no match answer, then your baby just love to cry. This case is similar with adults who need to take some times to adjust before they are fully wake up. Since your baby hasn’t develop fully functional communication system, thus crying is the easiest and most possible way to express their feeling.

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